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our exclusive 1-Month Contract!

If you know your child needs academic support, but you are looking to avoid the hassle of a long-term contract that requires a large amount of money just to get started, or a small start-up fee followed by large and automatic monthly charges to a credit card - Our format may be just what you need.
Bridges Academic Support Center features the 1-Month Contract. You begin with a free consultation. If you decide that Bridges is a good fit for your child, you simply sign another contract for another month of academic support for the next month.
If for any reason, you decide not to continue: there is no obligation or complications that would prevent you from simply walking away as your contract expires. This policy is in place because we know our methods work!
As a professional educator, the director knows that when a child needs tutoring, he or she will often need more than a month of service to reach grade level – But, the commitment of Bridges Academic Support Center is customer satisfaction – He believes that options are an essential part of long-term satisfaction.  
The Bridges 1- Month Contract: This contract entitles your child to 8 sessions within a 30-day period. You choose the days and the times. This contract is offered to first-time customers only for only $200.

Ask about our special discount when signing up more than one child!